im sixteen years old. i love rock music and i love chris daughtry. i want to be a heart surgeon when i grow up or maybe an actress. i think that is a very cool job. my favorite shows are 90210, castle gossip girl, greys anatomy , hellcats, nikits , vampire dairies..i read and sew for fun... which is realy geeking lol .....

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90210 Episode Stills: "Liars"

i hope that liam and charlie talk things over nd we finally found out wat happened in the past between them 2...

90210 Review: Holiday BADness

i think that the reason why liam told annie he loved was bc shes with charlie mabe he feels sumthing for her but not love,,love...watever happened in The past with charlie and liam.....liam wants annie to stay away frm him.. i think that after everything that happened between Adrianna and navid....i noe tht shes going through this money thing but how could he cheat on her.. almost the 3 seasons were bout them being together now he jst cheats on her with silver..dnt get me wrong i love silver but thats her best friend that was really low of the both of them....i thought the ending was very interesting when teddy kissing that dude and dixon me wondering is he gonna tell sumone or be a jackass to teddy for being gay....i love the ending when naomi comes home and mr.cannon is there.. for me it was a great episode.. if it wasnt gud ppl wouldnt be talking about it..


well everyone knows chucks not dead.awesome.but what about chuck and blairs love ,is that dead?i hope not because by reading these comments and from my opinion chuck and blair is what makes us want to watch the show..but i think they just put this on us to make us wanna watch season 4.but honestly if their not together they'll start to lose ALOT of not just talking about me.. And seriously??sleeping with jenny wasnt just hes fault. if jenny wanted it to be special like she said in the last episode then sad or not sad she wouldnt had slept with chuck. and people give him a break he thought that blair didnt love him any more. he if he didnt sleep with jenny he would sleep with some hooker anyways. i think its going to be hard on blair to see chuck in paris and find out that he got shot and everything. i hope this brings them closer together. as for jenny when she comes back i hope shes a changed person.and i dont think nate and serena should be together..but if dan and serena going o be together again this time it better be for good bc them breaking up and geting back together thing is really starting to get boring. cnt wait to watch season 4
love this showwwww