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Dear DAIR shippers, Stop calling them endgame. In order for them to be endgame, there must be a "beginning game" and middle game, and penultimate game or just ANY game (of which we know Lonely Boy has none). Just compare first kisses - Victrola striptease + epic limo scene vs. freeze framed whateverthatwas. DAIR can't even scheme together well. Georgina? that was all Blair. Karaoke tape? Epic Fail, cause we KNOW how that episode ended (i'm still fanning myself from how hot that was). And we all know that the trip to Cornwall was one giant SNAFU salvaged only by some clever banter in a nasty car. and one gorgeous fall coat. C'mon guys, give up the dream! They're not emotionally abusive (i'm a psyc grad student, i'd know)...they're damaged teens who are being forced to mature too fast for them to handle. Believe me, at 20 years old, you're liable to be really naive about the strength of love, what love means, and end up trading your gf for a hotel because you think the two of you can conquer anything. Not to mention that 20 year old males, no matter how cultured, educated or well bred will also be downright disastrous at effective emotional interpersonal communication. duh. I'm curious to see how Louis plays into all of this, because while kind of cliche with the Prince thing, he does have excellent taste in jewelers. If DAIR were endgame, Blair would be getting gifts of puka shell necklaces from Dan and not the Ericson Beamon, Cartier and Harry Winston chokers of old. Now that is just laughable. What next? Shall they elope to join Vanessa for a threesome at a commune? This is Gossip Girl, This is the UES, This is Blair Waldor, not a reinvented Avril Lavigne song entitled "Lonely Boi". THISSSSSSS ITA

When Gossip Girl Returns ...

this is probably a bad prediction, but, i don't think that girl in pink is Blair, I bet Chuck sabotages Blair and Dan and sets dan up with some girl...... what do you guys think??

Gossip Girl Return Promo - 4.18.11

@derenamustbetogether - Lily i second that!!!