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Gossip Girl Caption Contest 25

Cyrus: Come here so i can give you a peck on your cheek.
Serena: Can you reach it?

Gossip Girl Caption Contest 23

really? wow..


5. Do you prefer Chuck and Blair playing mind games with one another - or teaming up against other people?
-as long as they are not hooking up with each other..whichever of the 2 will do ;)

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It's a Wonderful Lie (Season 2)

screw you..chuck's not into blair?

seriously, have you been living under a rock?

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Blair is wearing the necklace in 2x11

chuck & blair arent gonna get together..

cos i read the script for episode 15/16..after bart dies..

chuck was sitting in his office when some board member shows up..and he sees a girl on chuck's lap and another girl under the table..


i'm kinda upset but at least it said that chuck would be in his boxers!!!



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Bonfire of the Vanity (Season 2)

chuck was reading? LoL..woahh..the Bass boy is really maturing huh..


i love chuck when he wears pink..(episode 202, squash date with M'lord)

very hot!



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