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Grey's Anatomy Review: Speak Now

I've never been a fan of Stephanie but I did feel really bad for Matthew. I still find Ross annoying, so I could care less about him. Meredith and Christina continue to be the best part of the show for me. Overall the episode was good but not great, wasn't an old character supposed to return? The dude who plsys Owen said do in a interview didn't he?

Scandal Review: Father Knows Best

"There's a good guy in there somewhere". Sometimes I think you're way to quick to vilify Fitz. Or maybe you're just too much on the Jake/Olivia ship. However it lends s scent of bias in an otherwise very good review.

Glee Review: The Hardest Word

@Renee, those rumours were exactly that, rumours. It's long been debunked.
@Karen, it was a scheduling conflict, yes.