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I knew they'd get it on in the elevator. Dair is real all you biased chair fans. Chair couldn't even survive in the books. It's a tv show too, so y'know, no matter how much you hate it, you're still giving them what they wanted by all the hating.
Dair ftw.


There is a dair kiss :D images from filming have come out. eeeeeeeeeeeeeek!


Vanessa: Why is the baby crying?
Dan: Maybe the disgusting orange thing you're wearing is making it wan't to puke...
Vanessa: the baby's not real.
Dan: And I didn't think your outfit was either...

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The Hurt Locket (Season 3)

I'm really looking forward to Ed's acting!

He's getting better and better this season and after Josh said that this was the best of Ed's acting up to date; I'm seriously looking forward to it!

I wanna see how Jenny and Nate unfold again, because I can't see how it would without someone telling Nate that Damien is a drug dealer, and Nate pulling his whole pretective side over Jenny; so that'll be fun to watch unfol! (plus I'm a mega Jenny&Nate fan!)

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