Brooches are INSANE!

I'm NOT from the US. I LOVEEEE GG. I go crazy when its not on lol! Yes.. I'm mental haha
And I ABSOLUTELY LOVE CHAIR! <3 They just make my day :)
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What Did You Think of "The Debarted"?


Gossip Girl Season 3: First Sneak Peek!

all i can say is.... OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG! hahahahaha :)


I reckon it's gonna be Dan... she was so sweet to him in the season finale... how can it not be him?

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Ed Westwick is in Australia

btw hes gonna be at pitt st 2mrw doin a signing for virgin mobile. They havnt announced what time yet but im so excited :D

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Ed Westwick is in Australia

Hey I was watching it this morning! :)

I got the number if you'd like...


its 0432999333 enjoy! :)

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WATCH THIS!! (Leighton Meester)

omg shes so horribbllee!! How on earth did she even get signed?! seriously she is the most awkward thing on stage, her voice is shocking, she has difficulty staying in tune... argh its so annoying!!!

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