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Boardwalk Empire Review: Forgive and Forget?

Nucky is a better man in how he killed Jimmy:
1. He did it himself.
2. He didn't put other people in harms way when he did it (unlike Jimmy's failed attempt in the middle of a party). Yeah, Jimmy may be all cute and everything, but he's a momma's boy. Nucky gave him the world and Jimmy spat on it. We know some of the reasons why, but that doesn't excuse the fact that he's let others run his life. Not one, but two rapists? Both your parents? Your daddy raped your mother, conceived you, then your mother rapes you? And you know all of this? But you turn your back on the man who's always been there for you for power and greed? And you guys pity Jimmy? Because he's pretty? shakes head

Boardwalk Empire Review: "Home"

I was ROTFLMAO during the Liam kill scene - Bach's Toccata and Fugue swelling as Harrow briskly packs his rifle and leaves - an obvious wink to Phantom of the Opera while staying historically accurate - then the switch over to Lucy watching Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. All broadcast on Halloween! Delicious! Notice the song and lyrics during the end credits, "Don't Hurt Me Daddy"; Lucy is about to get uh-guh-lay in here-ya! This one nips at the heels of Breaking Bad or the Sopranos in terms of quality. I watched this episode twice and I never watch an episode twice. Only complaint was the gratuitous lesbian subplot. *yawn*


Jane is model material but a bit generic - I can see her on the cover of Maxim but I would mistake/forget her as someone else. She's what's hot yesterday/today but not tomorrow. Kayla is too 'spunky', catalog; I could see her in a Target add; she's the GLBT token. Chris is the black token and it screams it. Ann is supposed to give some legitimacy to ANTM, "see, we're in tune to the fashion industry, we produce tall skinny girls; we're not just a feel-good show for our fat American audience!" But they went overboard in picking her. Chelsey looks like a fit, white, Gen-X housewife, 10 years older than her purported age. Perhaps she's the token for that demographic. Maybe she could be an actor, but not a model (unless, of course, Target or Walmart adds, not runway or editorial spreads). Which brings Liz - oh Liz. She was supposed to be the bitch girl this season but was too self-absorbed and wore her insecurities on her sleeve in the form of complaints, complaints, complaints. But in terms of looks she was THE IT girl on ANTM. She had this racial and sexual androgyny about her - she looks likes Prince's long lost baby sister or bastard child! That echo of the 80's (very popular these days) while current. Too bad she just wasn't compelling in some way.

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