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Scandal Season 3: Our Wish List

Yes. Get this divorce party started, that would be a popcorn and wine event. Mellie says she's qualified, give us a fireworks divorce, then let her earn her stripes on her own running for office or some power play. Fix Olitz, I am in the camp that wants them together. Not sure how to "fix" Jake. First impressions are lasting and his creepy stare into the camera made a big one. Sneaking around, beating the snot out of that photographer. He can't go back to Fitz's team on the White House staff, he burned that bridge sleeping with Liv. He's B613, so they aren't supposed to have family unless the writers try some heavy handed "just kidding." Cy hates him, Fitz hates him, Rowan hates him. They dug a pretty big hole. I don't care for all the spy stuff anyway, except Huck.

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