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Z Nation Cast Photos

I agree it will definitely get a few episodes out of me.

The Strain Review: The Master Fights Back

Hmm so you didn't think it was campy? The bread truck delivery guy listening to Here I Go again? Dutch's friend running out looking like a Benny Hill moment? I found those parts funny as all hello. Definitely did not think Jim was a goner, I mean it is Mikey from The Goonies he can't go this soon lol. He tried to redeem himself but he needed to do far more. I like the team of Abe and Vasiliy I think they play well off of each other. Glad we finally got to see what possibilities we have when a hoard comes a knocking. These things are far more dangerous than a group of Walkers that is for sure. Love this episode and loving the show keep up the great reviews.

The Last Ship Review: Panic Sets In

I'm with you I understand giving the initial transparency of what went on in Nicaragua but giving such premature intel that Rachel was near a cure was not very smart. Captain Chandler seems like a pretty smart guy which is why this surprised me.

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