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I'm blown away...but not in a good way. I loved Jimmy. He was the heart of the show, especially this season...I love Richard too, but they were a partnership and I don't know how Richard is going to continue without him and Angela. This throws me a little bit...in all honesty I don't know how interested I am in watching next season now.

Nucky just became really unlikable really fast. Moreover, I don't understand WHY! Jimmy went against him, yes, but he wasn't lying about Eli being the one who wanted Nucky dead, then Jimmy went and murdered the Treasurer, and Nucky still deicded to forgive his brother rather than his son! WTH!? This was incredibly ballsy by the writers, but I think they may have actually gone too far with this one...who else is left to root for? Richard and Owen? I like them but they're not enough to carry the show....they just lost a HUGE part of this show, and potentially a lot of viewers...I really don't know what to think.


To all the people telling me I'm not a fan if I was let down by the finale: GFYS. I've been a fan of this show since I started, and yes, I am let down. Why? Because this season more than any other managed to complicate things exponentially, to ramp up the tension, and to literally put me on the edge of my seat for the majority of the season. I am deeply invested in this show and its characters. I got teary when Tara smashed her hand up, and again when Jax told her he had to stay in Charming. It was heart-breaking.

But I'm sorry - to simply wash away all that suspense by some incredibly convenient plotting is just not cool. I am disappointed, and I have a right to be. Of course I didn't expect Clay to get killed. That isn't why I'm disappointed. I'm disappointed because all season, consequences have been building, and suddenly they've been wiped away almost entirely.

Sure, Jax is now president and the leadership of SAMCRO has changed dramatically. But in terms of internal conflict and character interaction within the club, it's almost like nothing has changed. Clay kills Piney, beats on Gemma, tries to kill Tara, and he's basically getting away with it. You expect me to believe that Opie wouldn't just go back to finish the job? Juice's storyline was really going somewhere, but along with Otto's betrayal, it's simply been wiped under the carpet. This is more like a reboot than anything else.

I am disappointed. I watched The Shield (nice to see it getting a background appearance this episode) and loved it intensely - the last three seasons of that show were incredible because the writers (one of whom was Kurt Sutter) KEPT THEIR PROMISES. I have hope that in the end, Sons of Anarchy will live up to that potential the same way that The Shield did - truly an incredible finale on that show - but I have to say that, for me, at this point, I really fought the season 4 finale of SOA pulled it's punch - and it was supposed to be a big one.

Now just because I'm let down does not mean I should "not watch the show". Get real. As it is with PS3 and Xbox360 fanboy lunacy, so it is with TV - we can't all LOVE something unconditionally or simply not watch it - that's ridiculous. I had expectations, and they weren't met. But I continue to believe in the long-term promise of the show, and hope that in the end, they make good on that promise. I will be back for season 5, and ones that follow it.


Jimmy surprised me this week. He's showing an immaturity that I thought he'd left behind. If he keeps it up he won't be holding the power for long at all. Although I have a feeling Richard Harrow may have a thing to say about his erratic behaviour...