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Pan Am Review: Truth or Dare

This is a FANTASTIC show and the only problem with it that I see is that ABC is not promoting it enough. It had a great showing of its Pilot episode and then the promos just disappeared in my area. Hard to keep people tuning in if you don't tease them a little bit. That said, the show uses too much flashback. I hate to start an episode in the middle of the story and then have to jump back to an earlier time period to get the explanation for what's happening on screen right now. I say, start at the beginning and tell the story! I put up with the technique because I'm in love with each of these characters but, ABC will be faced with the renew or cancel decision based on this show's ratings and this is the heart of their ratings problems. Kelli Garner turned in a performance worthy of an Emmy nomination. Love is a roller coaster and our own government put her in that roller coaster. For me, it's absolutely BELIEVABLE that Kate never had the thought cross her mind that her apartment might be bugged. She believes that she's working for the "good guys" and that blackmail is not the way to gain cooperation for the CIA. After all, she willingly volunteered when they recruited her. The show is capitalizing on the naivete of our nation still recovering from the devastation of WWII and facing a determined enemy behind the Iron Curtain. We didn't want to believe that government leaders or agencies would depart from our values while protecting our freedoms. So, now Kate knows she was duped. Watch for character development where Kate may begin to doubt her trust of Richard (CIA handler) and may want out of the whole spy game, only to be told, it's too late, sweetheart. You know too much for us to let you out. Hmmmmm..... Wouldn't that be interesting? As for Nico's return. That's already set up in that Nico has agreed to be a double agent when his government has him and his family under suspicion. Kate has already risked herself to help a total stranger defect. What would she risk to help Nico defect to save his life? I'm not worried when other characters take to the back burner in specific episodes. This is an ensemble show with most of the characters in full development. An hour long episode is really only about 44 minutes or less screen time and it's hard enough to fit everybody in. Maggie's revelation to the Pan Am exec about his mistress's infidelity doesn't necessarily mean that she betrayed Dean, too. We don't know. She could've just clued him in on Ginny's behavior and left other specifics out. After all, she flies with Dean and you don't want to make the guy that flies the plane uncomfortable but, Maggie owes NOTHING to Ginny. Stay tuned.. If there is any problem with the show itself, it may be that it is trying to take too big bite for an audience. So much is going on with all the characters, you have to view it two or three times to catch all the subtleties. Some people just don't have that kind of time. On the other hand, that was the problem with the sixties. There was a lot going on. Cold War. Space flight. Race relations. Women's Empowerment. Rock & Roll. How did we all stay sane? OH! ..and for all those Collette fans (including me) I suspect next week her character will shine. It seems they need her help to land that plane and other synopsis say that Collette and Ted leave the plane after landing to search for medical help. Might we learn more how she survived her childhood in wartime? Where does her strength come from? Time to find out! ABC: PROMOTE! PROMOTE! PROMOTE! this show and find a better time slot!