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i love gossip girl but mostly just chuck and blair are the best couple ever and nobody can compare to them! that's basically me! obsessed w/gg and chair :) haha


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Gossip Girl Caption Contest 175

nate: that was amazing! now i see why blair fell for you.
Chuck: limos ARE my specialty

The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest 78

Gossip Girl: Be careful, C, one thing about making a deal with the devil, He always comes to collect.

Gossip Girl Caption Contest 158

Blair: Louis, what is it?
Louis: Blair, leesen to me. Do not move or de plays eez blown up.
You have to choose right now. Me or Bass.
Blair: w...w..why?
Louis: I gave you a chance, and you vent baack to chuck.
Blair: did you know?
Louis: I hired a PI and had you followed Gossip Girl: looks like Louis is Bart Bass 2.0. Watch out Blair, this can't be good.