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I agree with you this season has varied so much from the books. Also there's the case of Jon Snow if also differ the way he got separated from the crows.
Maybe Osha will take Meera's place but going further along I don't see how that's possible, unless like you mention Rickon will die.
And Daenerys doesn't seem like the strong Targaryen woman that she is in the books, a girl you root the reclaim her birth right but in the series she looks like a spoiled girl that can't get what she wants. Of all the Daenerys story is the one that makes the least sense.

Game of Thrones Review: Sons of Monarchy

The name of Daenerys' man was Rakharo.
Didn't like the introduction of Theon's sister. She made a greater impact in the books. Also she's more likable than Theon.

The Good Wife Trailer: All on the Line

That's a great promo can't wait to watch!