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sorry. continuing the thought...

sacrifice Sutton all long, while it is also possible that Alec intended to sacrifice Emma all along.

The problem with all of these theories, of course, is that the character motivations are still unclear. Killing people as a means of getting together with one's lover seems like a hard sell to me, especially for such driven, devious, smart and successful people, so maybe something spookier is going on after all.


I agree with showstopper. Thayer's the most likely suspect for the box, at Alex's incitement. The question will be what he does with it.

I have a rather far-out-there theory. Is it possible that Rebecca committed one murder (Derek) and Alec (Theresa)? Interestingly, none of this makes sense unless either or both of them have some means of continuing to conceal the secret of the twins, and that means that one or both of the twins may need to die. My guess is that Rebecca has been using Sutton and actually intends (or intended) to do away with her, leaving her to form a family with Ted and Emma, with Emma blissfully ignorant of the details of the plot (on which point she'd be mistaken, but until this episode she didn't know that). In fact, this may have been her plan all alone. Do we know that the Beverly Hills home where Jordan grew up wasn't the same one Emma was supposed to be at.. and Alec could've thwarted Emma's placement there? It may be that Rebecca intended to sacrifice Sutton from the start. It is also possible that Alec could've planned it the other way around - to sacrifice Emma for Sutton.