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Maybe I'm wrong, but I think Blair's red dress was worn by Vanessa (in white) in the episode of the third season Enough About Eve. If not, it was very very similar.

The Vampire Diaries Midseason Report Card: B

Best Character: Damon, as usual. But followed closely by Klaus and Caroline.
Worst Character: Jeremy. He was jerky and irrelevant at the same time.
Best Episode: The Reckoning!!! So intense.
Worst Episode: Ghost Town. I wasn't into the ghost storyline either. Though I really liked seeing Lexie again.
Most interesting development: Tyler becoming a hybrid. I can't wait to see where this will go.
Biggest Surprise: Mikael being Klaus and Rebekah's father + Mikael "killing" Elena who turned up to be Katherine.
Most Misused Character: Mikael (they killed him way too soon).
Hopes for 2012: I'm finally entirely on the Delena boat, so I really hope they get together soon. I also hope Tyler doesn't become a douchebag for good and he and Caroline can work things out despite of his condition. And, as much as I like Klaus, I think he needs to be killed by the end of the season. I think we would get tired of him if his storyline lingered on.


So so sad to hear this! WTH is up with you, Ryan Murphy??? Sam wasn't my favourite character but I really liked him! He didn't just swing in the background, he had his own storylines, and they were pretty good ones, so why this now?? And what will happen with him and Mercedes now? They did that OMG moment on the finale for nothing? It's disappointing because I really wanted to see Mercedes in a relationship, since she has never had one. I am unhappy with this decision, but on the other side I am happy that Harry and Darren got promoted to series regular.

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I got in yesterday finally!!!! I was so excited. And I'm a Slytherin, didn't really expect it but I love it. Tho it sucks we have to wait so long until the Chamber of Secrets book :(

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Season 5 - What do you want?

This won't happen but...

- Dair/Derena sex & relationship

- Chair break-up (for good)

- no more love triangles (at the most Dairena)

- no more stupid guest stars

- no more Serenate

- more interaction (non-romantic) between characters

- more Eric

- Nate having an interesting storyline or being written off

- less over-the-top short plots, more lingering storylines

- college, anyone? Those kids don't go to school anymore!

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Glee S02 Top 10 Covers

1. I Feel Pretty / Unpretty

2. River Deep, Mountain High

3. Songbird

4. Marry You

5. Rolling in the Deep

6. Landslide

7. Thriller / Heads Will Roll

8. Valerie

9. Isn't She Lovely

10. Jar of Hearts

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