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I love a good fuck the world attitude but come on. when you look at how she is now and how she used to be its like where the fuck did this girl come from?! what hard times has she been through really to be such a bad ass now?! a lot of what she says doesnt seem genuine it just seems intended for shock value. you can have a positive attitude and still say fuck the world. Yes, she can sing, good on her for that but she looks like a zombie hooker in the process. and enough of this "i dont care what people think" attitude. she cares more than anyone else cuz she has gone to considerable lengths to make everyone think otherwise. it all seems very hollow to me and at the rate she's headed she will crash and hard. it happened to lindsey, it happened to demi, and it will happen to her. what a shame that will be cuz she actually HAS talent, but talent doesnt make you impervious to the world and its influences.

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