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The Good Wife Review: Cockroaches

Is TGW losing its way? Haven't we been here before in every respect - cheating with the intern; Jackie being an interfering nuisance; Eli fighting with journalists over 'the truth'; boring court cases with obscene damages being awarded; self-congratulatory lawyers thinking they are oh so clever and !important. Was the prospect being dangled this week of TGW DC, TGW NY - tv franchise heaven. I hope not.
Much as I love TGW, this season the writers are struggling to find a storyline that will retain viewers. I can hear people switching off in their thousands. Shut down the firm and let Alicia and Cary set up on their own in a small downtown office with Kalinda helping out for old times' sake. Now THAT would be interesting.

Homeland Review: Bury the Hatchet

Once again, you end up wondering where the plot can possibly take it from here. Instead of some interesting snooping on Brody's calls, texts, meets, habits, can he really end his life in an orange suit in Cuba? He will have to be turned, of course, and persuaded to work for the US - keeping up his links with the enemy. Perhaps there is another traitor in the government and he is used as bait. Having been commissioned for a third series, the writers must have some entertaining twists up their sleeves.

The Good Wife Review: Cursed

Episode 1 was back to form, but Kalinda and her ex are just boring, boring, boring.
Cary is doing so very little. As the newest lawyer, albeit a returnee, wouldn't he be surplus to requirements in the eyes of the accountant and be shown the door?
Can't the writers ditch all the internet cases - rich internet bullies are all the same.
And whatever happened to Matthew Perry?

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