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I hope it gets a second season it was the only thing that kept me home and glued to my tv on tuesdays. Ella kicked ASS!!! I like every character except Rilley and Jonah. Plz CW give us a 2nd season.


1. What was your favorite Gossip Girl quote last night?
Serena: You know how Carter is. He convinced his fourth-grade class that Barneys was named after the dinosaur.
hilarious just because i was told the same thing when i was 5. 2. Should Blair have forgiven Chuck?
No. Regardless whether she went with Jack on her own a good BF never pimps out his GF to his creepy uncle w/ a moustache. 3. Shadiest character of the night: Carter, Jenny or Lily?
Neither. 4. Basing an episode around Dorota's wedding: Cute or boring?
BORING! I'm starting to hate Dorota, so effing annoying. They should really had left as it was; Blair's helpful maid who had to listen to B complain about her life. 5. Who would you rather see hook up, Nate and Jenny or Dan and Blair?
Dair4life. Jenny is just like a little teenage girl who falls head over heels for the first guy who expressess unrequisited interest in her, wasn't she claiming Damien was the love of her life like 2 eps. ago? D&B have chemistry and if the writers don't fuck it up (which we know they will) they have a great chance at becoming an epic couple. C'mon who doesn't love a good 'ol love/hate relationship?

The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest 3

Damon: Give me my twinkie!