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Grey's Anatomy Photo Gallery: "Holidaze"

Hopefully Shonda won't break Arizona and Callie up. NOt after the whole Erica thing. Arizone and Callie are adorable together :-)

Grey's Anatomy Photo Gallery: "Holidaze"

Where's Callie?? Was she not invited? Yay to Hunt with a guitar and Arizona singing :-)


OMG!!! I loved the tonights episode it was fantastic. It was great to see Christina just jump in there without thinking. BUt more so seeing both Arizona and Callie so vunerable and of course Arizona saying I love you before Callie this time and of course Callie sayig it back.
So far Season 6 much MUCH MUCH better then season 5.

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Callie and Arizona (Relationships)

I LOVE Callie and Arizona together, they're so cute and so suited for each other.

I agree the Elevator scene was funny, I loved the way Callie tried to play it cool and then caming running back to ask 'tomorrow night?' (or whatever it was).  Not many people, in fact no one else can get away with calling her Calliope.

Look forward to see how their relationship blossoms over the next few weeks :-)

(It's good to see Callie happy!!)

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The sneak peaks are great :-)

Can't wait to see what happens with Callie and Arizona and the scene between Callie and Mark is cute.  They're definitely friends, good they can talk to each other Mark about Lexie Callie about Arizona.

I think this weeks ep is going to be great

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Callie Torres (Relationships)

Who cares whether Callie is gay or straight?!?

I think it's great that they've got a gay character on a prime time TV show...I don't think she's really interested in Mark anymore.  It looks as though she's moved on and away from him 'sexually'.  They're best friends now and I'm not even sure if she'd be with Mark again with or without Lexie on the scene.  (I like Mark and Lexie together it's cute).

I think Callie and Arizona care cute together and look forward to seeing how the story continues (if it does) until the end of the season.  As you guys say though 2 have already left but maybe that's the writers away of saying this character 'Callie' is working out her sexuality and they bought in Hahn and then Sadie and now with Arizona she has maybe figured out what she wants.

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