Hi, I'm Corinne, I'm 19 years old. I'm a hardcore crackhead/ chair shipper, if you've got any scoop on them I'll love you forever lol.
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Gossip Girl Caption Contest 70

G: I'm planning some WHAS later, so if you see a sock on the door don't bother knocking


1. "I did. 150 times."
Chuck was acting so cute in this episode! How he remebered what Blair wished her perfect prom to be like and how he actually made it happen- awww !! 2. I was so happy when they finally broke up. The whole Nair thing was just so fake, it obviously just serve to annoy us Chair fans... Plus Blair has been so boring with Nate, she just needs Chuck in order to break free and live her life right. Chuck loves her, Blair loves him, so it was just fair to break it off with Nate. 3. They probably will get back together, but I'm sure it will take some time. But I honestly don't care, if I get some fluffy chair cuteness instead! 4. I liked Brittany Snow. But not so much if you compare her to Kelly R. I also loved Gwen & Snowed Out, and the cute guy who caught Lily's attention, don't remember his name.. 5. I didn't really hate anything, it was better than I had expected. But I would have preferred some more Chair prom action;) Bonus Question:
Chuck and Blair will finally confess their feelings and will get back together.
Serena is shocked by revealing someone familiar as Gossip Girl's source.
Georgina decides to stay in New York, cause the bitch is back, y'all.
Dan, Nate & Vanessa unknowingly get to know Scott.