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"2 Broke Girls" started off very promising: solid pilot episode and huge ratings due to its premiere being on after "2 1/2 Men". I even had hopes of a truly ground-breaking sitcom that actually mirrored contemporary times.
Three weeks later and after the dust has settled, what we have is just an average sitcom. Like Kris Hekmi, I was uncomfortable with the broad stereotype characters. The young Asian man who owns the Williamsburg Diner approaches minstrel show mimicry. A karaoke machine in the diner? Really? Thick accent & malaprops. Really ? Then there's the cook whose only function is to proposition the waitresses. A stock, one-dimensional character; sitcomy in the worst sense of the word.
And they keep a horse in the backyard. Once all the horse manure jokes dry up, what will they do with the horse ? It has to be a nightmare for production to stage a sitcom with a horse on the soundstage. From the viewers standpoint, Chestnut the horse adds nothing.
I haven't even addressed the somewhat questionable taste of the jokes. Monday's episode had a sight gag referencing oral sex. The pilot episode had a joke with a punch line about vaginal dryness.

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