?Courtneyyy i have myspace and facebook too, so hit me up for my email address(:   "STOP BEING ABUSED ED FIND A WAY OUT BEFORE ITS TOOO LATE"
-Lively Leighton(i fuckin' love you!)     I WILL NEVER, AND I MEAN NEVER, GIVE UP ON GOSSIP GIRL. i ship pretty much any pairing on GG as long as they make sense and are interesting. i don't like vanessa, but i probably like her a lot more than some people. Jenny is by far my favorite character....shes super amazing! im overly optimistic, so if you're a downer, we probably wont get along.
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Taylor Today

i love her hair and make-up here! shes so gorgeous(:

Warning: Major Gossip Girl Spoiler Ahead

@Pimp My Limo thanks(:

Warning: Major Gossip Girl Spoiler Ahead

@GGFanForever isn't your name COMPLETELY hypocritical??? lol. lmao! thats funny, because its true, hence the funny. okay guys. we should all calm down.
they will get back together.
plus its a tv show,
its not real, incase you didn't know.

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ur all too easy to trick..

i hate to interupt whatever kinda conversation you guys are having,

but this needs to be said.

Taylor Momsen pawns alll.


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Penn picture appreciation thread (Penn Badgley)

Penn Badgley is the greatest thing to walk this Earth!

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does any1 like nenny?

Nenny pawns every couple on GG.

(except Derena, but since they aren't happening anytime soon, they don't count.)


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