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Source: George O'Malley is Dead

OK here is how it will go. George will not die. The magic of Dr. McSteamy will give him a new face and if TR wants to leave the show we love him and wish him all the best. No one should be unhappy in a place where they 75% of their waking hours but George will come back with a new face (job opening).
Izzy is on the elevator for the grand exit (George did not get on the elevator).
Katherine should have taken a cue from "Joey" in Friends, say something bad about the writers they put you down the elevator (reference Joey's interview regarding his "Days of Our Lives" interview not giving the writers the credit).
I still cry when I watch that episode. Who ever leaves will be missed.

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New music

I don't like this season's music choices. Another of the many things I've loved about GA was the unique new music. I've downloaded hundreds of songs from previous sessions but this season is elevator versions of '80 music. Definitely nothing to rush out and buy or even give a second listen to.

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Callie and Arizona (Relationships)

I'm sorry, I can't get on board with all the in your face gay thing. I don't watch shows in spanish because I don't speak spanish. To each his own and that is the way it should be HIS/HER OWN not in my face. Keep that on the gay channel.

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Scrub, Rinse, Repeat (Episodes)

S3E1-Izzy is devistated and lying on the floor. Last flashback-New intern mixer. George walking out with Izzy. She's putting on her coas WAIT!!! I've seen that dress before. Flashback-S2E4 Izzy and Alex first date. That is the same dress. Don't they have a budget fot mare than scrubs LOL

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