My name is gabby i love cows and everything pink my favorite store is delias my favorite show is gossip girl duh.i Also like beverly hills 90210,the oc and one tree hill my favorite actress is tori spelling i love ed westwick i am a very big chair fan and i love celebrity favorite band is nirvana and i love kurt cobain
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i love courtney love but thats not very nice

Taylor Momsen: Pretty in Hot Pink

I really like taylors style because if you watch the first season and see this picture you would probaly be suprised

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Any 90210ers out there?

I love liam and Naomi
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The Hottest Love Has The Coldest End.

This is so lame everyone is hating on people they don't know.GROW UP

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Why do people like dair?

I just thought that it's kind of funny.This is the number of fans for each couple on the website fanpop.

Chuck and Blair 3,198 fans

Nate and Blair 829 fans

Dan and Blair 647 Fans

Dan and Serena 1,560 Fans

Serena and Nate 855 Fans

Rufus and Lily 779 Fans

Nate and Vanessa 598

Jenny and Nate 490 Fans

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