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Two More "Carrnal Knowledge" Pictures

most probably you are right...good observation with dorota:)

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Nair Fans Speak UP (Spoilers)

miss dior you are so outnumbered. there is no sense in trying to compete with the chair fans. they are by far more and stronger:) i do enjoy nair at the moment so i decided to speak up! to increase our little fanbase. i am not a totally nair fan but i just think their relationship the right thing for the show and for blair. i am sick of seeing her unhappy and even if it is just comfort and familiarity i like seeing them together.

nate and her have a lot of chemistry and sparks but the chair fans do not see it because it is sort of subtle not in your face like chair. frankly, both are great!

so for the moment-TEAM NAIR!

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Reviews of Nate and Blair in last episode

well i would say nate and blair aren't for sure the core couple of the show but at this particular moment i think they make sense. i really enjoyed their sl  in the last two episodes and i hope they will fgure out their relationship. i, personally, would like to see them together for a while because theiy are the sweetest thing possible. on the other had i crave for chair. i dunno. chuck is being such a basstard after the whole vanessa thing that i would not want him near our beloved blair.

so....i guess i am pleased with nair for now!

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Protein shake, CB spoilers 2x18 to 2x20(1/2) (Spoilers)

from what i am reading it is going to be so much tension and drama and memorable scenes that i cannot imagine how could somebody not wanna watch this show! it sounds great and the third season should have like 10 million viewers:))

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