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1. What was your favorite Gossip Girl quote from the episode? "if you need to mark your territory, you might as well just pee on her" and the one about Serena and Poppy being monkeys fighting over the banana 2. Best fashion moment of the night - Chuck's basketball attire, Serena's "dress" at the co-op party, or the "OMJC" shirts at Georgina's camp? maybe it's because i just LOVE him, but i have to say Chuck's basketball attire 3. Harder to believe: The distance between NYU and Columbia constituting a long-distance relationship, Lily and friends forking over cash in minutes in this economy, or any scene involving Vanessa? i agree that the "i never" scene was so NOT necesary 4. Should Rufus propose to Lily? YESSS =) 5. Should Blair move in with Nate? i don't think so,, even if we consider that they are back toghether i still can't think of Blair in a relationship without Chuck

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