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Dare to Dair?

i just went back and read the posts from nayla and she is literally just to unfathomably stupid to insult, i don't even know how she is old enough to work a computer since she can't seem to think with common sense or logic... i like how she says that dair fans are all teenagers and immature when clearly dair is the most mature coupling because they are the most mature characters, also she claims to have been in an abusive relationship, yeah right because when youv'e been abused you blab it out to millions of people you don't know on the internet.... 

whatevs point is, DAIR IS AMAZING and i miss there movie dates and things in the last 5 episodes :( 

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Dare to Dair?

Oh im disagreeing with the person who said if there is a baby they are going to have it theres no way around it, like i guess strongly disagree was too strong of a word (hah..) but like i think that it probably won't be an abortion i just dont think that if there is a baby that it automatically has to be born, which sounds odd but hopefully you know what i mean 

oh but queenbee, i love your icon... :) 

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Dare to Dair?

^^ im going to strongly disagree with you here. 

they deal with a lot on the show and the network, so i dont think anything is too taboo

also, scripts are written months and months in advance, they finished shooting in early march, so theyll start filming soon, and the first episodes scripts had to have been finalized like at least a month ago, and we all know that the pregnancy test was added in last minute, so that can't re write every script that theyve done to accomodate this large storyline. 

also, we all know that the omg cliffhanger in the season finale doesn't extend for a whole season. except for season 1 and the chuck and blair, but 

season 2: georgina as blair's roomate, wasn't a big deal for more than 3 episodes 

season 3: dan as baby daddy: 4 episodes, chuck getting shot: 2 episodes 

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