I am ass-backwards crushing on Penn Badgley. http://ivthegreatest.tumblr.com/ Katherine Pierce is my gpoy
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Gossip Girl Caption Contest 190

Lily : Our family has a long history with fake boobs. Starting with CeCe, then her daught...um Carol, because you perfectly remember Carol is, right? Charlie, do you? And, now, Charlie. Newest fake-boob-Rhodes.
Charlie : My boobs are not fake.
Rufus : *whispers* she ain't even a Rhodes.
Lily : Shut up!
Rufus : I'm gonna go make some waffles.

Gossip Girl Caption Contest 188

Blair : I know you want to have sex with me Humphrey!
Dan : *shitting bricks*


Chairs gonna chair, Dair fans not gonna care. It's a Dair vid contest, it's awesome so how about just get over it? Not everything has to be furniture.

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bye then??

where is tibby though

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Dare to Dair?

well..i mean at least i always will...adore them, ya know

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Dare to Dair?

Good to see I'm still rooting for Dair? Well duh, of course I am! I always will.

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