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Man!! I hate she is gone she was awesome and she made the role of Jeremy worth a lot more than when he first appear in the show. I thought that the one is going to die was Jeremy and Caroline but not Anna.

RIP John Gilbert, even though he was an ass I will miss him cause there was a good side of him and it could have been interesting see how he would try to be a father to Elena, shame.

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Blood Brothers: What did you think?

No, I think Pearl is really died and I was like WTF!, does that means that Pearl count as one of the two deads?

This episode was really good and Elena was awesome! I like the way Damon and Elena relationship went slow after Miss Mistic Falls that was realistic, and I love how the both of them were trying to help Stefan.

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Hahaha I love Damon just because of this....

haha I think the question is who doesn't love him?

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