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Dexter Review: A Tale of Three Stories

I agree that it seems Dexter isn't partnered up with anyone this season but that isn't exactly true. His partnership is with his son now that he is getting older. Just like how Deb is trying to figure everything out with her promotion and her feelings for Quinn, Dexter is trying to figure out what to do with his son and the dark passenger he is carrying around. Last nights episode showed us that Dexter made a decision and that was he did not want his son to ever bare that burden of knowing his dad was a serial killer, even after he dies just like Deb made the decision to go with her gut. This Seth Lord (yes, I Star War's you) made a decision but his pupil (Luke Skywalker?) is still in the decision stage. The master is trying to do right for his student just like Dexter is trying to do right with his son. Since S1, there has always been an adult relationship for Dexter but I don't think we will be seeing that this year. IMO, they are focusing on Dexter's role model as a father and how he will handle that aspect of his life. I'm not sure how interesting of a season this will be with that said but it is something that needs to be covered as his son gets older.


The title does not mean a B&B hookup. As a matter of fact along with the girly note they wrote in 'Blizzard' proves this point. We also have to take in HH's number 1 rule and that is to keep B&B seperated as long as possible. They may decide to start a relationship but it will be halted by the death of a character. I believe the death will be Cam causing Brennan to be put in charge of the lab but also make Brennan pause in starting a relationship with Booth after seeing Cam totally fall head over heels in love this year. They are also wrapping up Cam's lose ends like sending Michelle off to college. I think this is going back to a storyline HH wanted to do back in S2 and that is put Brennan in charge of the lab. At least this scenario is alot better than what they have done the last couple seasons with the poorly written/contrived scripts. It's also the same thing that happened between S2/S3 when Brennan stayed in the lab after Zach went to Iraq.

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