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Derena is my OTP and no one can change that. Dair is gonna be hated forever. Blake Lively is my rolemodel. Haters gonna hate. Enough said. K, bye.

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Danandserena foreverandalways

First of all I need to say: No Serenate please. That would be awful.
1. My favourite quote was probably: "You?? Whatever...but Lola?" It just showed how much Serena cares about Nate, in fact she doesn't care about him at all.
2. I really like the Serena as Gossip Girl Storyline...the only thing interesting atm, oh and the Chuck Storyline.
3. I miss the old bitchy B. I hope she comes back
4. Lily and Rufus always fix their problems, I'm sure they'll also find a way to deal with it this time.
5. Of course Serena as GG 3.0 I like Lola, but S is way better
6. Nope, i'm all for Nola these days, even though i really enjoyed Nate and Diana together
7. I love georgina, but except her as GG, there was no point why Georgina was there at all this season.
8. OMG yes please! Penn needs to cut his hair asap. He used to look hot and now he looks like a sheep :D