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Which couple do you prefer, Derena or Dair?

OMG how can you even compare Derena With Dan and Blair??I mean Dan and blair are hardly a couple Blair's love of life is Chuck and she is marrying Louis dan is Just a time pass for her because she is goin through a tough time choosing between chuck or Louis....I mean COME ON guyz dan and Serena are in love from the begining they are each others love they are meant to be together if you take a closer look you will get how much they love eachother....and how badly they want to get back together.
I mean makes no sense comparing derena with dan and Blair.....
yeah you could have given a poll about 'Who is your favourite couple Dan and Serena or Chuck and Blair?That would have made sense but not this NOT AT ALL....

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Dan and Serena need to come back

Akhh i hate this Locking system..

does not even makes sense...

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Dan and Serena need to come back

Well i kinda loved last night's Ep thought everyone else would too but i guess they did not...

I mean it was great to see some of old Blair partying and drinking and calling Beatrace(i dont even know how to spell that name) Royal Bitch(Gosh that was funny)reminded me of soo much the old Blair of the Blair i loved to hate and i hated and loved her at he same time...Shame now i niether lover he nor hate her:(

And Ofcourse the DS scenes it was Epic when the two are talking on phone and Dan is like "come one you can tell me everything we are Dan and Serena"and Serena is like so wanted to tell him how she feels...And than Chuck's telling Serena "you never give up on the people you love...And Blair's telling Serena that they(serena and dan)can now stop pretending to this fake relationship and than Serena'a calling Dan and telling him that Blair told her that they have to keep this fake relationship thing up untill the wedding and Dan is like we can meet for a coffe and Serena is like how about Dinner!!

And Yes the Serena and Blair Scenes though they were very little i loved'em.How Serena brought Tea for Blair THat was Sweet:)

I dont know i mean i loved the Ep overall.Excited about the next one!!

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Will Serena and Dan ever get back together?

heyyyyyy D&S come to dsthread :D


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