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Person of Interest Review: School Ties

Root keeps me on my toes because I'm never sure of her motives and she might turn against Team Machine at any time.
Have enjoyed seeing her get taken down a couple of pegs - she did lose last week's POI for a while, and she learned she was the cause for where he ended up.
Collier will continue to evade death/capture until the Vigilance story is done.
Looking forward to seeing what Hersch will do in future episodes - maybe he'll team up with ex-team mate Shaw?
Matthew Reed can be to Shaw what Zoe is to Reese, and I'm fine with it. I wouldn't mind seeing Nestor Carbonell again - I was sad when it looked like he was a perpetrator, and very glad when it turned out he wasn't really a bad guy after all.

V Review: "Devil in a Blue Dress"

Does V have a dedicated team of writers, or do they use different ones all the time? I would imagine much of the choppy writing and changes in character behaviour are because of this.... too many times it seems they come up with an idea which then goes nowhere, or they change everything halfway through, or the characters behave as though they had a personality transplant...
In any case, I would love to see it back for another season. Must keep writing to ABC.

V Season Finale Spoilers: Who Will Die?

Well, ex Father Jack is definitely NOT going to get Erica in the end. Hobbes and Erica all the way. Can't wait until Tuesday to watch the full scene, you'll know the one I mean when you see it! Now I definitely am writing ABC asking for a third season.