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Am I the only one who getting more annoy by Skye every episode. I do not even know what is her purpose. I am glad that we got a bit more info on Ward background and a bit of Coulsons but can they give us May. I also like how Ward was helping Simmons up the tree and that she knew it.


1. Elijah ripping out hearts because he show while he should not be played with.
2. Klaus because at least you can compromise with Elijah.
3. Horrible, all she wants is love.
4. No
5. The first time you went after the baby, they left you go with a warning but since you did it a second time then your fate was doom.

Once Upon a Time Round Table: "Ariel"

1. Hook's confession and Regina telling Rumple that he will die by nobody hands but her own.
2. They should but first they should strengthen their bond with Emma first.
3. Regina
4. I have to go with David.
5. Not really