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Once Upon a Time Review: No Escape

HAHA!! Awesome.. Who would of thought that Peter Pan would be the master manipulator, sociopathic antagonist? Brilliant decision to link him to the Pied Piper... one of the creepiest fairy tales EVER

The Originals Review: Declarations of War

Klaus is a psychopath; people keep forgetting that because he's the "hot" anti-hero... He killed Tyler's Mom for fuck sakes.... along with hundreds of others, but deep down, he is troubled and can only handle his problems by acting out violently. The immortality makes him extremely narcissistic and controlling, being a bastards will ALWAYS haunt him and make him feel like an outcast. The character development is brilliant and the manipulations and machinations that Klaus is pulling off; gaining Marcel's trust, killing the witch by getting the right hand man to kill another vampire by proxy. He's pretty much Machiavelli's poster child on how to obtain, consolidate, and maintain power. He's like an immortal, superhuman Cesare Borgia... and he LOVES manipulating people....which was evident by his outburst of "I will NOT be manipulated" to Elijah in the first episode. Manipulators HATE being played or conned, but Klaus will win this war...his way

Ray Donovan Review: For Love or For Money?

Jon Voight is amazing... He makes you feel uneasy just knowing that he's in the scene. He's completely unpredictable and care free. If he wasn't born a psychopath, then 20 years in prison and his up-bringing definitely turned him into a sociopath. Imagine having the balls to go into a public library, pay a guy to get up, ask someone how to look up something, and blast a youtube video of "Twerk" with absolutely no fear, anxiety, consideration, or morality. He makes no attempts to veil his racism and says the most hilariously offensive jokes at the worst, or most "Michael Scott" moments that you almost cringe with the characters listening to his jokes... not sure how to diagnose him except for narcissistic personality disorder with sociopathic tendencies.... not sure if he's completely devoid of empathy or sympathy yet... they're doing a great job developing Mickie that he's almost, if not already has, stolen the spotlight from the titular character Ray.