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Callie: Haaa... I'm married to a pediatric surgeon and soon i'm gonna be staring at TWO babies to take care of...


I would love for the original cast to be there for a next season. To be quite honest... i LOVE Grey's but i don't know if i would watch it without the original cast. It wouldn't be doing it justice, Grey's Anatomy is all about the characters... the characters and their personalities and their relationships with one another MAKE the show. It's not ER or any one of those other hospital shows that just change characters. NO. This is Grey's Anatomy.
I would actually love it if Izzie did make an appearance in an episode as well, but not for Alex to get back with her. I mean, they're so many things that can be done with her character... She's out there "living with cancer". They could bring her back because her cancer started to grow back. Even possibly kill her off =|. It'd make for a really heavy couple two or three episodes if they do a trilogy based on the same event like they used to do in the old days, like they did with the ferry boat accident (Walk on Water, Drowning on Dry Land and Some Kind of Miracle).Who knows... but there's so different ways to go.
I hope they do bring her back though.

Poker Face

Firstly, no... Merideth and Derek should not get back baby Zola. One baby is already enough for the show. It's already complicated that Mark, Arizona and Callie have the kid, but it works fine enough because they are somewhat able to keep it in the backround, THOUGH for the entire 8th season so far... Callie has not had much screen time at all . But, with Merideth and Derek, you can't keep a baby in the backround, it's just not possible without messing things up. Derek had a right to be upset, and i assume with the coming episodes he'll slowly start to forgive Merideth, he already showed some softness towards her when he mentions that she took a bullet for him, and he knows why she does all of it, that it's what he loves about her... he'll come around. What i'm concerned about is the intensity of Merideth... of the show on the whole... Grey's Anatomy... is an intense show, it's more on the depressing, dark side... and i'm afraid it's losing that. Cristina's personality has stayed true, so has Alex's... Merideth's is seeming to dwindle away... I want the show to regain the emotional depth that it once had for the entire first 6 seasons. I'm not saying the show has lost this depth... but it's dwindling away slowly. A true Grey's Anatomy fan.