Darkness within

Darkness Within

Liberal Arts AA graduate in Community college now going to study I.T. Aspire to be an actress and writer, loves writing stories. Hope to publish novels. Loves black and the supernatural like Vampire, werewolves and witches.

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Darkness within

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Darkness within

I have to say as much as I love this show, Suren's death is the only scene worth watching in this episode. Sam Witwer is such an amazing actor, the emotion he delivers is just so powerful. I had waited most of the season for Suren to be killed because I figured it was the only way to tear her and Aidan apart but that look on his face as he watched her turn to dust completely robbed me of that victory. Mother's pained expression as she killed her own flesh and blood was also amazing paried with the foreshadow of the tiger cub analogy in the 1956 flashback. A lot of the episode felt rushed however. Such as the scene where Sally is explaining what she found out about Limbo to Aidan and when She's asking her mother to shred her.
Such a casual tone there was to such a morbid conversation between a mother and daughter who haven't spoken in probably months since Rina's death.
"Oh hey mom, can you do me a favor and rip me apart oh and FYI not sure if it's reversible but no worries." Then there were the grave visit flash back scenes of Aidan and Mother. Those felt kind of thrown in there to me, his entire history with Suren is awkward along with his history with Bishop which we are shown in seaosn 1 however I they can not be blamed so much for this. The first season was a revamp of an already written script(the original British Being Human) whereas the second was copletely original, so I can see the difficulty in having to use the season 1 facts without contining to follow the British original.
Still I do not see Bishop allowing Aidan, his prized child away from his side(for the whole Suren duty thing), nevermind that it was for the vampire queen, Bishop was the king of his own world. He unlike Aidan at the time had no respect for those who outranked him. We see this with the Dutch elders in season 1 episode 11 'Going Dutch'. I will however give it that of all the ways I tried to imagine for Sally to get into limbo, they as this show tends to do did the ONE thing that never crossed my mind! That is why I love this show so much, they never do the expected! The self shredding was brilliant! The cliffhanger ending was also very gripping as it needed to be, all three of our beloved characters in their own kind of paral and we waited almost a year to now be seeing if they will come out alright. Well done there. I am on the edge of my seat for season 3 already!