My name is Sarah and I'm completely obsessed with Grey's Anatomy. I've watched it nonstop since Season 1. It's simply breathtaking.
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Would you rather..

Meredith! Christina's a great doctor and all, but if I didn't have an exciting case, she wouldn't be interested and she would half ass it.


If you could have George O'Malley love you for the rest of your life and treat you like a queen or spend the night with Mark Sloan, which would you choose?

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Five least favorite Grey's character's

Thatcher Grey- Talk about the epitome of a dead beat dad. Sure, he was good to Lexie and Molly, but the episode where he slapped Meredith... yeah, that was the end of me sympathizing with him. He's an ass. Deserves to die in my humble opinion. Sadie- I really don't know what the point of her being on the show was. She did nothing but annoy me. She's crazy and she was an empty character. Hahn- She was just a bitch. She treated Christina like crap and even though Christina is an overachiever, she's one of the original characters and I'm always going to love her and be pissed when someone disrespects her. Lexi Grey- I'm sorry, she's not a bad character, but I really don't think she should have such a profound part in the show. She's not that important and she gets a lot of focus on her rather than on the important characters. I don't mind her, I just think that she should be less important to the plot. Callie- I liked her in the beggining, but once she started getting obsessed with George and treated him and his friends like crap, she was done in my book. Besides, I don't think she's really a lesbian. I think she is with girls to turn on Mark. As a gay rights activist, I think it's rediculous. Someone who is genuinely attracted to females would only be with females. If she were bisexual, that would be different. Anyways, she just annoys me.
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Favourite non-main characters?

Joe Tyler Patricia Really Old Guy Olivia (always the whore, never the gf... it's interesting!) Adele Richard's Niece Cammile (I wonder what happened to her, did she die?) Derek's sister, Nancy "McBitchy" (she was hilarious!) George's brothers Ronnie and Jerry Joe's boyfriend Walter

There are so many more but those are my favorites! :]]

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