I am a veteran freelance writer/reporter with a theater and history degree and a master's degree in writing. I'm also a bibliophile who reads about 250 books a year, and writes professional book reviews for several companies. That is why I watch certain TV shows and eschew others, mainly because I love a good story with fully-realized characters and well-written dialog.

Having been a theater major, shows like "Glee" and the "Glee Project" are first on my list of favorites, followed by dramas like "NCIS" and NCIS Los Angeles" and "Hawaii Five O." I am also a fan of "Drop Dead Diva," "Lost Girl," "Blue Bloods," "Bones," "Private Practice," "Grimm, "Once Upoon a Time," "Castle," "Fairly Legal," "Rizoli and Isles," "Person of Interest," "Falling Skies," "Body of Proof" and "Bunheads."  Of course, my favorite summer programs like "Royal Pains," and "Burn Notice," "White Collar" and "Covert Affairs," "Suits," "Alphas" and "Necessary Roughness" are also not to be missed! I am also a huge fan of "Dr Who," "Downton Abbey."  "Sherlock," "Warehouse 13," and the British version of "Being Human." I am looking forward to a new show called "Elementary" this fall. Oh, and the final season of "Fringe" will be awesome as well. I am hoping that there will be another season of "Leverage," too. I will barely admit to watching "Revenge," "Touch" and "The Client List" because they are, at best, guilty pleasures.

What I don't like are reality shows, horror movies and TV programs, shows that are more snark than script, daytime drama, American Idol and shows like it that are contests, (with the exception of the Glee Project), shows that are excuses for pornography, and fights/sport shows.

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Revenge Review: Save The Date

My oh my, what an interesting was rather chaotic, but it was still good fun, and I was especially pleased to see the wonderful Nolan get back on board with Emily's revenge! I loved his skydive into the party, and I was thrilled that Em bought him a nice house. Good job, Em!
I was kind of crushed when Jack threw Emily out and was cruel to her after she'd shown him her heart. But the good that came out of it, with her getting a deadline for the wedding, was great. Now I am wondering why they're doing a "Who Shot JR," ala "Who Shot Emily" kind of thing this season, and why they called the hotel the Southfork Inn like JRs ranch in Dallas, when there are so many better storylines they could have copied than the one from that crappy old tv potboiler. And Aiden is suddenly Benedict Arnold? Really? What a jerk! I was also glad to see Emily and Victoria team up to get rid of that skanky assistant.


Fantastic season finale! Loved that Joan Watson was the heroine and saved the day, and got a bee named after her...excellent job, Lucy Lu! And poor Holmes, being manipulated by a woman who is so cruel and brilliant that she repeatedly wants to be with him, if only to wreak havoc on his heart.
Jonny Lee Miller is such an amazing actor, he manages to put some serious pathos into Holmes, making him more contemporary and yet still, at heart, a cypher. Natalie Dormer is also amazing, she always plays these sexy women who are aggressive, brilliant but doomed. She was in the most amazing episode of House that I've ever seen, and then she was great in the Tudors, too. Now she brings Moriarty to live in such a slick way, you could hardly notice her transition from scared victim to serial killer/criminal mastermind.


WOW that was one amazing season finale! I was SHOCKED that Rowan is Olivia's dad...WTF? I never saw that coming at all, because it seemed to me that he wanted her out of the picture, permanently, which made me believe he wanted her neutralized or dead. I am glad that Jake is out of the picture, because he was just creepy, though he gave up his career for her. I was also not expecting Fitz to go back to Mellie, or her to accept him back, after all they've been through, and after all her vindictive manipulations. I honestly thought Fitz would try to make a life with Liv, and I am saddened that she didn't feel she could keep both her relationship and her business going. And yeah, David Rosen turned out to be the whitest hat of them all! I love that he gave Liv a hat. But I am also amazed that someone leaked that she is the Presidents mistress, and that her dad wanted her killed.