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I also am happy they wrapped up the series. I hated thinking last year they were going to leave us hanging with Peter if it didn't get picked up. So, IMO this was the right decision by the writers since they didn't know for sure this would be the last episode. My only negative was thinking, "really the Police Chief?" She would have to be at least 15 years older than Megan. Maybe I am giving the actress more credit because she does not look that old! LOL

But, all in all, I am happy with the loose ends, for the most part (yes, we never found out about the body being moved) being tied up and can walk away from the show without any large lingering questions.


I also loved this episode! And I agree with previous posts, definitely aired in the right sequence instead of what was intended. I think Kate is looking better and better every season; this hairstyle and spray on tan work for her! Castle still looks good in my book, but he is looking older; then again aren't we all. :)

I can't pick one set of clips that I liked more than another. I think they all brought me a smile, a laugh, a memory forgotten. And WOW do I miss Montgomery.


I agree almost completely with the review. My only disagreement was with the Riley scene. My first instinct was that she was just wanting to see what was going on between them, if anything. Tommy hasn't exactly been giving her the green light lately from what we can tell, but they did go out once and apparently, Riley is very interested in him. It never hurts to know if you have competition. :) I thought Megan's comments back were rather snarky.

On the whole episode, I thought it was well written. A thirty-second spot with Luke Perry was the perfect amount to keep him in the show, but not to overpower it. I also loved some of the lines Tommy had, the ringtone one mentioned above and the one about saving himself for someone special.