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Supernatural Review: Beware the Turducken

I love our show I think our are doing a great job I only ask Please dont kill Bobby it's going to hurt to much I love Bobby on the show Please let live I cryed so had like did when they keep kill Dean and Sam or when our went to hell Pease I love you guy's think our are doing a great job I really do I just love Bobby ( He is like a Dad to Dean and Sam ) Our keep do what our want I wiil still Love our and The Show I will keep watching Supernatural it will hurt and I will miss Bobby bumay be our can bring him back later may be Please I am not trying Hurt our's feeling Our are really doing a great job with the show I just like watching Bobby with Dean and Sam work together Their like Family I love them together it's just Hurt's to much when our do that But if not I will cry as hard as I did when our sent Dean to hell,when our killed & sent Sam to hell, o'yea what happen to their half brother he went to hell & never came ok no matter what I will still Love our & the show sorry if I hurt someone feelings not what I'm trying to Love you guy's keep doing the great work your doing

NCIS Round Table: "Sins of the Father"

Love you guy's keep the good work up

Who is television's most dynamic duo?

Hey Guy's on Supernatural Love our keep doing the good work up our got me vote every time

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