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What was your favorite scene?
Ezria scenes... What did the N.A.T. club actually do?
Stalk people? Pretend to be important? Spy on people? Idk its sounds weird to me... More useless character: Mike or Dr. Sullivan?
Dr. Sullivan- At least Mike is giving some drama tohis family. I think DR Sullivan will prob die soon since she knows too much in the next ep... Is Emily overreacting?
No- her reaction is totally justified. A is really messing with her with a whole season's worth of stalking/scaring.... What are Aria and Ezra's survival odds this week?
Um... I'd say 9 out of 10.... Of course they aren't going to break up! I realised that in the last ep after Jason kind of got out of the picture....


Loved the interview! Nina Dobrev is just AWESOME!!!

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I always wondered about the rankings and stuff....