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The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest 84

Caroline: I'm the only blond in this town
Rebekah: Not anymore, sweetheart

The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest 49

Damon: Leggo my Eggo....

New Vampire Diaries Promo: Got Wood?


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Damon and Elena Pic!!!!

The last time Elena hugged Damon like that is when she felt bad for him so I think it's because Rose died. Either that or she remembered what Damon said or something else either way I can't wait!!!!! So I'm going to go with everybody on the "Rose Death Hug" thing...


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Christmas Wish For Vampire Diaries

What is your Vampires Diaries wish for Christmas?  It can be on any topic of Vampire Diaries. It can even be non-vampish, maybe just you wish for Christmas

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What's the most hurtful thing Elena could ever do Damon?

Tell him she really hate him. That woulnd't just hurt Damon, but it will hurt EVERY Delena fan out there like me

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