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NCIS Season Finale Review: "Pyramid"

My money is on EJ. She knew to slit the wrist and waited until everyone was gone, I don't trust her. She didn't log it as evidence either. New SecNav like him. Sad that Mike is gone, but funeral was very moving and I can see him not wanting to waste away in a hospital. In the funeral scene where was Ziva ? Glad CiRay is gone and the ring scene was awkward. Great episode and I can't wait for season nine. Not sure about Kort, he definitely has some issues but he usually does the right thing eventually. Tony does not do well undercover subtle is not his nature it will be interesting to see who it is. I hope Ziva doesn't wait for Ray, she needs to find someone who won't jerk her around. Notice that Tony didn't even shake hands with EJ when she left very telling that he was upset with her.


Great show enjoyed the Swan Song hated that it took that to bring the team together though. EJ cannot be related to P2P killer but maybe related to SecNav. Loved the elevator scene just wish was part of that too. Hopefully Mike will be back in form of flashbacks or something. Loved Ziva reactions, mostly because when Gibbs was hurt she didn't react so nice to see the change. Don't like the new team too much so I will not be sorry to see them go. Looking forward to Tuesday.

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