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South Park Review: "You're Getting Old"

I think the cynicism implied is more like realizing how the standard of almost everything now a days has been greatly reduced, then dressed up to just look the higher quality, not truly be it though. Those who are new to it all (older generations) may see the change for what it is, yet not even truly understanding it. Then those who to which today may be all they know (a younger generation), know nothing more than that itself, believing it's the best like media will always now tell us (because of greed/$$$),and viewing the older world likewise. Stan's outlook was only the truth though, yet very dark, because the truth is dark and life is dark. He is very lucky to realize it though, because as the episode showed, nobody is interested in the truth or negativity, and the masses refuse to accept it. People like cynical Stan exist, and they I think are extremely rare and intelligent. If I had to guess what his life would be like from now on, I'd say he would refuse to lie to himself no matter what, seem like a depressing person to be around, and will live a strong Introvert, which would be a result of something called the hedgehog dilemma.