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I think the fans are over reacting a bit.I mean ofcourse every single one of us who watches BATB is basically a Vincat shipper and want nothing more but Vincent and Catherine,but the show is only on the half of it's first season,i mean if Catherine and Vincent(on whom the whole show is based) is together and happy already with no worries than where would be the fun and excitement to eagerly wait for the next episode to see what lays ahead for Catherine and Vincent,will they won't they?
Remember the show is called "Beauty and the Beast" and even a fool would know it's about Catherine and Vincent's love story,no matter what it's them being together in the end.Again it would be too soon to already have them in a relationship,whilst we don't even know anything about Vincent's past,who he was and how was his life before all this happened.So his ex showing up is a good thing for the show as well as for the viewers,we would know about Vincent's previous life.Which widens the scope of the story of the show.
For me it's more like both Vincent and Alex wanting a closure rather than them still being in love.Alex doesn't even know the first thing about this Vincent,the Vincent she knew is dead so only a fool would would believe for Alex to be any kinda threat to Vincent and Catherine's relationship.Honestly these things are making Vincent and Catherine's relationship even stronger.They know how they feel for each other,but it's complicated and if they're to jump in and be together,they need to know more about each other and their relationship should be strong enough to survive anything that comes their way.
So basically what i'm saying is that as much as i want Catherine and Vincent to be together already,i am not annoyed with writers at all,i think so far they're doing a wonderful job,i would rather wait for the right moment for them to be together than rush things.

Revenge Review: A Journey With No End

And what is with Nolan?One moment he is gay than he is straight and than he is gay again.Or mabe he is Bi.