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Speak for yourself, thought this was actually one of TVD's best episode this season and its partially due to the Originals returning. I watch the Originals faithfully and I was worried them returning would be confusing and a cop out, however it was nicely done and i'll be the last to complain about Klaus and Caroline (finally!) What made this episode enjoyable was bc it centered around a secondary character that literally brought everyone together. This goes for all shows, they're usually at their best when the entire cast is in the same room or working on the same goals. Katherine surviving is def a cop out but hey, you can't kill off the only character that can bring your entire cast, dead or alive, together. Rather be bogged down by only some characters having a storyline and they only showing up for five mins i.e. Matt, Tyler, Bonnie the entire episode allowed everyone their fair screen time, and too be honest nothing seemed forced. A very enjoyable episode.
Also, Katherine hallucinated the Elijah part, he was still in New Orleans protecting Haley and more no doubt.

The Mindy Project Review: I Want Your Sext

Great episode!
Horrible review... no details or mentions to the hilarious text convo between Morgan, Peter, and Cliff. The main focus of the episode was the texting and you didn't even mention it. Giving the episode five stars without providing a review that explains the hilariousness of the episode is pointless.
Horrible and Pointless.


May we please have a new reviewer for TVD.
Yes this episode was slow and not the best, but the Klaus and Caroline scene w/out a doubt was absolutely the best scene. Ever.
The fact that your disregarding the scene as if it was corny or inconsequential shows the lack of fandom for this show.
Any avid fan would take this moment and see the poignancy in it.
The scene was about Klaus' character b/c yes it's obvious, it was about Klaus and Caroline's relationship development!
This truly was the only scene that wasn't pointless in tonight's episode.
So please, lets get a new reviewer with some actual dedication, time, and feelings for the show.