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Glee Review: Rock Salt with You

This was a good episode. Best thing about it was that most songs actually MOVED the plot and there wasn't very many of them thrown at us at once. But when did Quinn become Stephen Hawkins and Artie suddenly needing anger management classes? I like evil Sebastian, he's fun and believable to watch. His role is much more defined than Jesse's was. I'm all for Finchel getting engaged, as long as they don't ACTUALLY get married anytime soon. Coz then it'd be for all the wrong reasons. Best song for me has to be Black And White. KM is the man. Brilliant voices and mixing in that cover. I think MJ would be proud. As cheesy and cliche is Finchel's duet, I LOVED it. If my boyfriend proposes to me like that it would be very difficult to say no to. And the song fitted them so PERFECTLY! Their voices were amazing in it.