I love TV! And my secret passion is to write and read about it! All time favorite show: Grey's Anatomy. 
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I honestly feel like I just got slapped by the writers. What a way to disappoint the show's life long fans. Not to mention the offensive yellowface that they used that wasn't even all that funny. All I know is, if they make up for it within the next month.....


Arizona has always been self absorbed and was never my favorite. I hope Callie gets back to who she was because her spirit seems to be fading after this whole situation. I just need my Calliope happy! And honestly, Grey's has been one of my favorite shows in the world, but it's time for it to retire. They can't hang it over our heads like this like they did with E.R. I refuse!!!!

Breaking Bad Review: For Family

I think that this was, legitimately, the best hour of television that I have ever seen. I literally gasped for air when Hank was shot, even though I knew what was going to happen. Incredible, simply incredible.

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