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Urgh, no Sebastian Stan, please. 1) he's ugly (he reminds me of a snake) 2) his character is a Chuck wannabe (but Stan can't deliver) 3) unless they explain his background better, he is only a filler: why te hell did he come back to help Serena? Can't Serena pay for a private detective for finding her father? (I know she's dumb, but not that dumb). Is he secretly in love with S? But wasn't he banging Blair, like, five eps ago?
As for Georgina, I don't know if I'm happy or not. I was actually quite looking forward to her and Dan having a relationship, but I guess we can't have everything. But I really don't care: the only three regulars that I really want are Erik, Dorota and Cyrus!


Ok, that must be a joke, right? I mean, there are judges who are willing to listen to all this c**p?


1. What was your favorite Gossip Girl quote from the episode?
"I did. about 150 times" That made the episode for me 2. Did Blair break up with Nate for the right reasons?
They should have never gotten together in the first place, that SL was so boring and predictable it made me cringe everytime I saw them on the screen. So, I suppose every reason for breaking up would have been a good reason, even "Ehi Nate, you have a spot on your face, let's break up!" 3. Will Dan and Serena get together ... again?
I hope not. They have been so good a part, and I didn't really see any spark at prom, just a friend helping a friend (like with Gabriel). Maybe they can end up together during season 6 4. What did you like most about the '80s scenes?
The photography, costumes and make up. But I think that the target audience is older than GG's, about Josh's and Stephanie's age! I mean, I'm 33 and the only reason why I could recognise styles, icons and references was because shows like Miami Vice, Dinasty etc arrived in Italy at the end of the 80s' 5. What did you like least about the '80s scenes?
The two guys playing Owen and the blonde guy (sorry, I don't remember the name). They seemed a bit over the top with their acting, more like impersonating a caricature of a guy of the 80s' than really acting. Oh, and the fact that no one smoked. Don't tell me it's a moral issue, they were snorting cocaine...
Blair and Chuck finally get together.
Serena is shocked by the identity of who's helping GG
Georgina decides to move to NY
Dan, Nate, and Vanessa unknowingly find out about Scott's real identity

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Dan/Blair/Georgina SL in Season 3

Seriously, can someone explain to me which are the scene that forshadow Blair and Dan's friendship? The girl despises the boy, as she clearly stated in the finale, and many many times before that.

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Can someone please explain to me why Carter Bazen came back?

Mmh, It's still a bit confusing considering that last time that Carter was in town didn't even bother to contact Serena because he was busy banging Blair...

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Dare to Dair?

I see your point Stella, but I don't see Chuck and Blair like a new Seth and Summer. Now, Dan and Blair would be another Seth and Summer, but not Chuck and Blair. But we'll have to wait and see. As for SL involving friendship and not only tortured love triangles, I completely agree with bfan. I never realised until last episode that actually Dan has really no reason for hanging up with the rest of the main cast now that he is no more with Serena. He never really befriended Chuck or Blair, who frankly could go on living without ever seeing him again, he was friend with Nate for a while, but then they had a fight because of Jenny, so why shouldn't it forget about the rest of them and simply keep Vanessa as his friend? And that I blame on the writers: they had amazing oppurtunities (Chuck amd Dan in prison, Nate and Dan after Nate explained himself about Jenny and Blair and Dan during the school play) to develop something other than love realtionship, and they completely missed the opportunity!

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